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ADULT SWIM Series for ACA Resident Artists hosts


puppetry, noise machines and cooked beans feature in this play about immigration

Sat April 27, 2019 at 8pm at Magnetic 375 (375 Depot Street)

Tickets: $15

Created, performed and produced by Edwin Salas Acosta (Bugs! The Warp & The Weft) the performance for adult audiences is a mix of the Divine Comedy, the story of an illegal immigrant Dante, and the situation of deportees in the USA.

This is the start of a new chapter for Dante, who is deported for destroying the monument of a Confederate hero. When he reaches the border he realizes he must first pass through PURGATORY and pay the SEVEN DEADLY SINS IN THE BORDER.

*contains explicit language and depictions of violence, unaccompanied minors will not be permitted in the theater

BUGS! On Tour!

Dec 19, 2018 at Judson Memorial Church in NYC

curated by GIan Marco Lo Forte of Pioneers Go East


A curated series by Pioneers Go East Collective as part of Judson Art Wednesdays!

ACA will present "Ladybug James" (created by Jonesalee, featuring performances from Tristan Cameron, Jake Donham, Emma Gutt, Marina Selander and Khalilah Smith; puppets and costumes from Edwin Salas Acosta) and is thrilled to join a line-up of other amazing artists:

Stacey Robinson; Nicky Paraiso; Yoshiko Chuma; Loco 7; George Emilio Sanchez; Title:Point

Pioneers Go East Collective empowers LGBTQ and feminist artists. The collective’s curated series at Judson Memorial Church as part of JAWs (Judson Art Wednesdays) features multidisciplinary artists who explore new genres and known performance and art-making modes to share their creative practices with other artists and their audiences. Each evening we witness different generations of artists dealing with actual, day-to-day, contemporary challenges to further discussion between artists, and to activate a network of exchange and inclusion with social and artistic intervention. info:

Coming December 2018:


Directed by Daniele Martin (ACA Resident Artist / Community Outreach Director); Choreographed by Michael Hayes (Urban Arts Institute), Musical Direction Jonathan Santos (Click, Clack, Moo)

produced by the Southside Arts & Agricultural Center, a community collaborative based at the Edington Center, with consulting support from Asheville Creative Arts.  

Set in current day  Asheville, this immersive theatrical event features Mary, Joseph, 3 wise-women, 4 shepherds, and a crew of townspeople, on the eve of the birth of Jesus.  A traditional story told using music, movement and performance set against a contemporary backdrop, this reimagining will delve into housing insecurity, gentrification, racism, social mobility, and other topical and urgent issues facing many communities in Asheville, to create a world premiere that ultimately delivers a message of hope and liberation.

...stay tuned for more information!


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