Fiscal Sponsorship

Asheville Creative Consulting offers fiscal sponsorship to like-missioned arts and community organizations and individuals that want to raise money but do not have 501c3 status. ACA will support you with receiving funds and reporting, as well as light bookkeeping for one-time grants and donations.  

Current fiscally sponsored projects include: Hood Huggers International, Blueprint NC Sponsored Organizations, UNETE, The People’s Creative Institute, Noir Collective and many others.

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Technical Assistance

ACA offers Technical Assistance to nonprofits, arts and community organizations, and individuals seeking support in the form of bookkeeping, budget management, audit preparation, and more! Dovetailing with our Fiscal Sponsorship program, we offer these service to similarly community-focused organizations across the country. These services are offered on a retainer or an hourly basis, depending on the complexity of the project and size of the budget. 

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Asheville Creative Farm

Asheville Creative Arts has a physical home at The Farm in Black Mountain, where we have space for humans to create and retreat, as well as space for animals to roam. 

Recent resident artists include Jeghetto, Nephrii Amenii, Ase Center for Higher Consciousness, and individual artists. 

The Farm is developing as an international artist residency specifically focused on creating theatre, dance, performance for young audiences, puppetry, and more. The Farm will also host classes and workshops for artists and young people interested in making art in sustainable ways among community members.  

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