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Charlotte’s Web

adapted by Joseph Robinette from the book by E.B. White

directed by Abby Felder

featuring original music from Jonesalee (Gina Stewart and Brenda Gambill)

puppets, sets and costumes by Edwin Salas Acosta

lights by Jason Williams

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

July 18–28, 2019

CHARLOTTE’S WEB is a story about Fern, and her little pig Wilbur who becomes famous with the help of his clever friend Charlotte and their chatty animal neighbors. 5 years since its last production of this beloved family classic, ACA brings its signature style of contemporary and sophisticated storytelling for a fresh, new take on this tale of friendship, sacrifice and growing up.

*meant to be enjoyed by everyone 5 and older

Starring: Tippin, Rebekah Babelay, Trudy Campbell, Tristan Cameron, Anna Slate

Musician: Asher Leigh

ACA offers specially discounted Camp Matinees with $7 tickets, pre-show study guide, and post-show Q&A with discussion questions developed with educators and family therapy practitioners to help audiences discuss content explored during performance.  Performances are July 18 & 19 and 23-26 at 10am and 1pm at Magnetic 375. For more information and to reserve contact or call 914-830-3000.

Terrific Charlotte's Web from Asheville's family friendly theatre company

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The Warp & the Weft

an immersive theater experience for children and families using live traditional music puppetry and more put on by Asheville's family theater

a devised piece by Abby Felder (co-concept / direction), Dr. Allison Curseen (co-concept), Eva Von Schweinitz (dramaturge), Alex Smith (dramaturge), Rebecca Williams (video), Blakeney Bullock (choreography), DeWayne Barton (lobby installation), Abby Auman (lights), Jonesalee (original music), Kylie Irvin (musical support), and Scott Branson (post-show talk-back curation)

Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in Asheville’s River Arts District

*meant to be enjoyed by everyone 8 and older

April 19-28, 2019

Experience the power of personal narrative, the magic of a modern fairy tale, and transcendent vocal harmonies in this 60-minute mosaic of puppetry, live music, video and physical theater, as a troupe of actors share songs and experiences from their childhood then vie for the opportunity to act out their favorite story for (and with!) the audience.

Inspired by images of children in NC’s textile industry at the turn of the century, this performance will encourage the young (and young at heart) to tell their own stories on their own terms.

Featuring Personal Narratives from: Hanger Hall 8th Grade Students, and participants of the Latino youth group MANOS (Mentoring And Nurturing Our Students) a Buncombe County Schools and WWC collaboration.

an immersive theater experience for families of all ages about childhood in the south in textile industries and child labor in agriculture that exists today

With Performers: Edwin Salas Acosta, Tiffany Copeland, Olympea, Daniele Martin and Holly Heveron-Smith

Post-Show Talk-Backs: Following select shows we invite special guests to lead discussions around specific themes, and provide a forum for processing any thoughts or questions inspired in young people during the performance. Our in progress schedule includes:

April 19, 7pm: Juan G Sanchez Martinez – professor at UNCA whose work focuses on indigenous cultural expressions and challenges traditional theories of language, genre and periods.

a family friendly theater piece in Asheville about childhood in the south

April 21, 1pm: DeWayne Barton of Hood Huggers International – a visual and performing artist, Barton is involved in justice issues — both through his art and his community involvement.

April 26, 7pm: Tom Godleski – A Mountain Xpress “Influential,” Godleski is a storyteller, teacher, composer and performer whose musical SNOWBOUND, frequently performed at ACT, uses traditional stories and details to create a holiday play steeped in Western North Carolina tradition.

April 28, 1pm: BeLoved Asheville – a community deeply rooted in love and justice working to transform our city and world through community-led solutions.  Find out more at

funding for children's theater and family friendly things to do in Asheville provided by the NC Humanities Council

The Warp & The Weft is made possible by funding from the North Carolina Humanities Council, a statewide nonprofit and affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

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BUGS! An Immersive, Original Musical

children's theater Asheville presents Bugs with puppets and live music for the whole family

by Jonesalee

lead artists Abby Felder (direction), Blakeney Bullock (choreography), Brenda Gambill and Gina Stewart (creators / musical directors)

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

July 19-29, 2018

When a band of buskers are magically transformed into insects, they must listen to and learn from one another before being returned to their human form.  Will they? Comprised of a series of vignettes, this immersive musical spectacle observes and explores the tiny, teeming insect world, in a funny and uplifting experience that asks us to pause, look closely and consider the little things.

Starring: Edwin Salas Acosta (Horsefly, Hand Percussion), Holly Heveron-Smith (Mantis, Drums), Jake Donham (Wooly Worm, Keys, Bass), Laura Blackley (Busker Band Leader, Guitar), and Tristan Cameron (Ladybug, Harmonica)

Lights / Production Coordinator:
Abby Auman
Dramaturge: Alex Smith
Sets: DeWayne Barton
Puppets/Costumes: Edwin Salas Acosta
Video/Projections: Holly Heveron-Smith

Public performances included post-show panels with community organizations.  Panelists included:

7/20, 7/21 (1pm), 7/22 (1pm) and 7/29: Various Rep’s from

Bugs by Jonesalee family friendly entertainment in Asheville


7/21 (3:30): Rebecca O’Neill from Charlotte Center for Legal Advocacy

7/22 (3:30): DeWayne Barton of Hood Huggers International 

7/28 (3:30): Shoshana Batson – Peer Support Specialist

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FAILURE: A Love Story

by Philip Dawkins

directed by Abby Felder with Eva von Schweinitz & Gina Stewart

with musical soundscape from Jonesalee

April 6-15, 2018

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

whimsical, sweetly philosophical…a story about grabbing hold of life and savoring it to the fullest, come what may.” —Los Angeles Times

Through a series of random events that befall the three Fail sisters, Failure: A Love Story shows us how life is both unfair and precious. This bold and quirky modern fairy tale about love and loss leaves audiences with the message, “Just because something ends, that don’t mean it wasn’t a great success.” In its 6th milestone season, ACA showcases its signature style combining lyrical language and sophisticated visual storytelling through live video and found object puppets in a whimsical story that captures how while time is measured consistently by clocks, everyone experiences its passage differently.

With: Daniele Martin, Julia Cunningham, Katie Jones, Kelsey Sewell

Dramaturgy: Alex Smith
Ast Director: Eva von Schwienitz 
Lights: Jason Williams

Set Dressing & Props: Chifforobe Home & Garden

Video: Holly Heveron-Smith & Flywheel Films

Puppets: Katie Jones

Marketing & Education Coordinator: Lisa Yoffee

Production Coordinator: Abby Auman

With post-show panels:

April 7 & 14 – 1pm: Conversation with healthcare advocates from Givens Highland Farms, Sheree Boyd and John Shnell.

April 8 – 4pm and April 15 – 1pm: Conversation with YouthOutRight, an organization that empowers youth of all gender and sexual identities to reach their full potential.

Download our Fun Guide with discussion questions and fun arts & crafts activities for pre and post-show!

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Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type

based on text by Doreen Cronin
with Illustrations by Betsy Lewin
adapted by James E. Grote
music by George Howe
lyrics by James E. Grote and George Howe
directed by Nehprii Amenii
choreographed by Anthony Napoletano
musical director Gina Stewart of Jonesalee and Anthony Napoletano, with Gabrielle Tee

July 20-30, 2017

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

The animals on Farmer Brown’s farm have had enough! They work all day to provide milk and eggs, but when their request for electric blankets to warm the drafty barn is ignored, action must be taken. Join the Cows, Hen, and Duck – and their trusty typewriter – as they engage in peaceful protest to improve their working conditions, in a production that uses projection, elements of puppetry, and protest inspired choreography.

Starring: Katie Jones, Anthony Napoletano, Jonathan Santos, Jason Stanley, Gina Stewart

with the Barnyard Band: Reed Atherton, Reina Corcoran, Dax Chatham,
Grey Chatham, Samantha Yoffee

Barnyard Band Conductor: Gabrielle Tee
Costumes:  Maggie Neas
Dramaturge: Alex Smith
Lights / Production Coordinator: Anthony Cerrato
Production Intern: Samantha Yoffee
Projections: Marie Yokoyama
Sets & Puppets: Nehprii Amenii 
Stage Manager: Tristan Cameron 

Public performances included post-show panels with community organizers discussing their role in peaceful protest locally and statewide.  Panelists included

Rev. Michael Carter – Unitarian Universalist Church (7/21)
Paul Howey – Fur Kidz Sake (7/22 – 4pm)
Daniele Martin of Yoga for Women of Color (7/23 at 1pm)
DeWayne Barton of Hood Huggers (7/23 at 4pm)
Sawyer Taylor-Arnold activist and board member of Womens’ March on AVL (7/27 at 7pm)

Click, Clack, Moo originally published by Simon & Schuster

Used with the permission of Pippin Properties, Inc.

and is supported by an award from the Puffin Foundation West

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The Little Red Riding Hood Show

by Russell Davis
co-directors Abby Felder and Katie Jones
April 6-9, 2017

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

Take one girl, equipped with a basket of goodies. Add one Grandmother, sick in bed. Combine with one Wolf, lurking mischievously. Toss in one skeptical Mother, and let simmer for one hour. Russell Davis stirs the ingredients of this well-loved tale in new postmodern directions, concocting a sly and spicy story that delights children and adults right down to the last surprising bite, addressing social media as the modern day “wolf in the woods.” 

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