Magnetic 375 at 375 Depot Street 914.830.3000


Monday, January 15 - 4-6pm at Magnetic 375 (375 Depot Street)

Asheville Creative Arts seeks a performer, 18 or older, for our spring production of FAILURE: A LOVE STORY, by Philip Dawkins, directed by Abby Felder with Gina Stewart and Eva Von Schweinitz.

FAILURE: A LOVE STORY is a whimsical, modern fairy tale that follows the journey of 3 girls, the Fail sisters, and their brother John N, and the alluring Mortimer, which shows that in the end, the power of love is far greater than any individual's successes or failures.

Rehearsals will be held evenings in March, with daytime tech and
performances beginning April 1- performances are weekdays and weekends through April 15.  This is a paid opportunity.

Character Breakdown:

Mortimer- a character seen at many ages, from young to old, outwardly confident, they are inwardly unsure and insecure, vulnerable, easily hurt, romantic, and impulsive.

ACA is committed to providing a platform to artists who represent all
members of Asheville’s diverse communities, and does not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation or identification, or ability.

Please sign up for an appointment by emailing your availability between 4pm and 6pm, along with headshot and resume to, audition will include reading from provided script and participating in short improvisational activity, and will be held at the Magnetic 375, 375 Depot Street.