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Mainstage Productions

Failure: A Love Story a whimsical modern fairy tale


April 2018

a modern fairy tale following 3 sisters from acclaimed playwright Philip Dawkins

a new musical for audiences of all ages created by Jonesalee

BUGS! a new immersive musical

July 2018

from ACA's resident artists, Gina Stewart and Brenda Gambill of Jonesalee

professional children's theater in Asheville


by Philip Dawkins

directed by Abby Felder with Eva von Schweinitz & Gina Stewart

with musical soundscape from Jonesalee


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"whimsical, sweetly philosophical...a story about grabbing hold of life and savoring it to the fullest, come what may."- Los Angeles Times

at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

Tickets: $23 (adults) | $12 (students)

April 6-15, 2018

Fri at 7pm | Sat at 1pm and 4pm | Sun at 1pm
with added performances Sun, April 8 at 4pm & Thur April 12 at 7pm

*meant to be enjoyed by everyone 8 and older

Through a series of random events that befall the three Fail sisters, Failure: A Love Story shows us how life is both unfair and precious. This bold and quirky modern fairy tale about love and loss leaves audiences with the message, “Just because something ends, that don’t mean it wasn’t a great success.”

In its 6th milestone season, ACA showcases its signature style combining lyrical language and sophisticated visual storytelling through live video and found object puppets in a whimsical story that captures how while time is measured consistently by clocks, everyone experiences its passage differently.

With: Daniele Martin, Julia Cunningham, Katie Jones, Kelsey Sewell

Sets: Anthony Cerrato   Costumes: Maggie Neas

Dramaturgy: Alex Smith    Lights: Jason Williams

Props: Chifforobe Home & Garden

Puppets/Video: Abby Felder & Eva von Schweinitz

ACA offers specially discounted Camp and School Matinees with $5 tickets, pre-show study guide, and post-show Q&A.  Performances are April 5 & 6 and April 10-13 at Magnetic 375. For more information and to reserve contact or call 914-830-3000.

Download our Fun Guide with discussion questions and fun arts & crafts activities for pre and post-show!

FAILURE: A Love Story is supported by the North Carolina Arts Council, a division of the Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, distributed by the Asheville Area Arts Council.

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children enjoy watching a performance of live theater in Asheville

BUGS! An Immersive, Original Musical

by Gina Stewart and Brenda Lee Gambill of Jonesalee


at Magnetic 375
375 Depot Street in the River Arts District

July 2018

*meant to be enjoyed by everyone 5 and older

Comprised of a series of vignettes, this play with music observes and explores the tiny, teeming with life and “life lessons” of the insect world.  Rich with scientific fun facts, folklore and legend, the story of BUGS is told by musician/actors.

The cast of characters embody ancient wisdom in this imaginative romp through the science, socialization and the spiritual significance of insects. It explores the interconnectedness and interdependence of all life forms, cause and effects of actions, all the while shedding light on early socialization skills.


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